Bio: Adventurous bookworm, struggling writer, lover of all things outdoors, motorcycle enthusiast, and total geek at heart.

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  1. Hi Christine.

    I can appreciate your blog post about “anxiety.”

    Anxiety has a close friend named “Doubt” who used to visit me quite regularly. A few years ago their cousin “Failure” came and took up residence in my mind.

    After a bit (hell, A LOT) of soul searching and with the help of a true friend (her name was Cher) I discovered how to take anxiety, doubt and their great grandparent “Fear” and turn them out!. In fact, because I had such a close personal relationship with them, I leaned how to actually use their emotional power to establish a state of peace in my own mind.

    There is no where we need to go and nothing we need to do to be what we already are.

    Whole, perfect and complete.

    You are already whole, perfect and complete.

    If you would like me to share how I attain the experience of perfect peace in my mind, particularly whenever any of Apathy’s negative children come to visit, let me know. It takes about 1 hour to grasp the technology and roughly 10 to 15 minutes to drive them out.

    Actually, they just sort of dissipate into the nothingness from which they came.

    Your Friend,

    Rick Daniel

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